Personalized ads avoid adult diapers ads being served as a 19-year-old.

As a digital marketer by trade, this move makes my job harder and make the consumer’s experience much less personalized! For people who are not in this industry, this move takes away the option to show users personalized ads if the IOS user chooses to OPT out of data collection and personalization. But this broad set of data being removed also removes our ability to target demographics accurately. …

Searchlogic Analytics Deep Dive

Why aren’t my ZOHO emails tracking in Google Analytics?

We have a small non-profit we consult with from time to time at This non-profit was having issues with session tracking in Google Analytics. They have a blog they send out monthly, but none of the blog users were being counted as email traffic.

They came to us really worried about the performance of the blog. They let us know that they have ZOHO CRM and use it for email marketing. I asked them to send me the email sample, and the answer was apparent within the first click. …

Bryan Butler

I am a Digital Marketing leader who has worked in the industry since 2008. I help coach, educate and run enterprise digital lead generation strategies.

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